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Rework and Repackaging services.

Let us put your products in the spotlight again and give them some extra love and attention with our rework and repackaging services.

We’ll get your products market-ready

We know how frustrating it can be when your products are not packed to your exact requirements. Branding errors, incorrect labelling and damaged packaging can result in costly mistakes, but our expert repackaging team can help rectify these issues quickly, efficiently and with precision. We’ll also conduct rigorous quality assured inspections to give you extra peace of mind. With our rework and repackaging services, we can ensure your products are ready-to-retail once again.

Repackaging services done to perfection

Our repackaging services mean your products have a second chance and your business doesn’t miss out. No matter how big or small your repackaging requirements are, we can take care of it all. When you provide us with your products and packaging, we’ll carefully inspect these and give you advice on the best course of action to get your products back up to standard. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of quality and service and you can be sure you’ll get just that with our rework and repackaging services.

repackaging services
repackaging services

We’re accredited and certified to meet your needs

At T-Pack, we’re fully accredited and certified to provide you with only the top level of standards you would expect when it comes to repackaging services. Our Soil Association accreditation ensures we meet the rigorous standards throughout the supply chain.

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Get in touch to discuss your repackaging requirements.

Our packing services

We don’t just provide repackaging services, our packing services expand across a wide range of materials, from card to glass, hampers to jute packaging. Our expert team has extensive experience in working with different materials. Find out more about our services below.