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Co-Packing for Jute Bags.

Let us take care of your jute bag packing process for an extra touch of unique rustic charm.

Jute bags on point packing

Jute bags are known for their durability and strength, so whether you need us to collate ambient food and drink items, beauty products or gift items, our expert team will hand assemble your products into your jute bag packaging so they look stylish, memorable and eye-catching to your customers. Simply provide us with your branded packaging and products and we’ll do the rest!

Trust us with your jute bag packing process

At T-Pack, we can provide you with high quality jute bag fulfilment services. From packing ambient foods for independent businesses, to large scale beauty jute bags for wholesale clients, we can handle multiple components and complex jobs with precision and accuracy. And to ensure we’ve met your exact requirements, we’ll carry out quality assured inspections in our purpose built packing facility.

jute bags wholesale
jute bags wholesale

Fully accredited and certified

We’re proud of our Soil Association accreditation status because it means our contract packing facility meets strict organic standards. So whatever your jute bag packing requirements are, you can be sure your products are in safe hands.

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Our packing services

Our contract packing services expand across a wide range of materials, from card to glass, hampers to jute packaging. Our expert team has extensive experience in working with different materials. Find out more about our services below.